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About Opthimus

Regarding Opthimus:
Opthimus Wall is a premium facade contracting, engineering and design company. The envelope of a building defines its value, architectural expression and commercial success. Our facades and cladding synthesize every facet of the value of our work. Our approach is based on ingenuity, focused on performance and business, in other words, we do more for less. Everything we do, from conceptual design to implementation and renovation is directed and supported by technical rigor.
Although Opthimus Wall was founded in 2019, it gathers the experience and knowledge of a professional group that has been in the sector for an average of more than 20 years in national and international projects. We are the result of the founding of a small metal workshop more than 40 years ago that was renewed with the entry of the second generation and that, after the years of crisis, has managed to reinvent itself without losing the artisan essence that has always characterized us, but adapting to new demands, with technology, investment and training in powerful technical teams. With these premises, and the intervention of a French investment group, which has made us stronger and financially independent, Opthimus Wall was born, combining experience, modernization, specialization and financial capacity to face any project.
We invite you to take a walk through the different projects that have been executed by our teams in order to understand the philosophy and soul of our company: quality, impeccable solutions and response to the needs of our clients. We are proud that our works is within the reach of many people who visit every day the Prado Museum, the Museum of European History, the Congress Palace of Oviedo, Palma or Burgos, the Euskalduna Palace or San Mamés... and the most famous architects on the European scene are recognized in these projects: Rafael Moneo, Santiago Calatrava, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Patxi Mangado, Federico Soriano or Rafael de la Hoz among others.
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